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That's a Trifecta

"Writing my hits, writing my rhymes, playing my mind."--Kanye West

In January, DotCom Therapy reached out to me in what would begin our collaborative journey. They asked if I would like to write a three-part series for their blog on a topic of my choice. As I learned more about DotCom Therapy’s commitment to anti-racism, cultural competence, and diversity and inclusion in the therapy world, I soon realized our values were closely aligned—and becoming a featured blogger was a no-brainer. As a relatively novice writer, I was honored that DotCom Therapy trusted my voice and pen to speak to their audience. And of course, I was excited for the challenge.

Little did I realized the world would literally turn upside down just a couple months later and this year would shape into one for the history books. But despite all the changes going on around us, the dire need for this blog series remained—I would even argue that is grew. As our county saw heightened racial tension, and the call to action for racial and ethnic equality in the field of Speech-Language Pathology emerged, this collaboration felt right on time.

In my first article, I ask the question “Why’s Diversity Great ’til it’s Gotta be Great?”…or whatever Lizzo said.

In my second article, "Blinded by Bias", I discussed the the limitations bias creates in our clinical work and how we can overcome this innate flaw.

While I don’t think we were expecting this collaborative series to take nearly an entire year, there are A LOT of things we weren’t expecting to happen in 2020. So as this year comes to a [much needed] close, this series is also coming to a close...and I’m kinda sad about it. With that said, my third and final article—a compilation of resources you can implement today to increase your cultural and clinical competence—is now available. It is my hope that this guide leaves you with something to take into the new year—a resource to explore in your down time, a new strategy to implement in your professional life, or perhaps just some room for introspection. Regardless of how you utilize it, just start today!

So, thank you DotCom Therapy for giving me the opportunity and creative freedom to initiate the difficult conversations that have been sorely lacking, but needed, for so many years in our field. Regardless of your profession, I encourage you to take the time to explore this informative and perspective-changing blog series. Click HERE to head over to DotCom Therapy's blog to read my final article in my three-part diversity blog series.

Read it.

Apply it.

Save it.

Share it.

Do better.

Be great.

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