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Quarantine Thick

“She been quarantined, now lil shawty thick”—2 Chainz I hate January. Nothing happens. It’s that awkward time of year when you are coming...

Thank You, NEXT!

“I’m so f**king grateful for my ex”--Ariana Grande If I can get the interview, I can get the job. At least that’s the running joke among...

That's a Trifecta

"Writing my hits, writing my rhymes, playing my mind."--Kanye West In January, DotCom Therapy reached out to me in what would begin our...

Thankful to be an SLP!

"I got 99 problems, but [being an SLP ain't one]"--Jay-Z (kinda) I am compulsively cooking today. Why? Well, any other Thanksgiving, I...

10 Reasons to Give up your Weekends TODAY!

“Working on the weekends like usual. Way off in the deep end like usual.”—Drake Yeah…you read that correctly. Give up your weekends. Just...

Blinded by Biases.

"Even when your crib sit on a lake Even when your plaques hang on a wall Even the president jam your tape Took a little break just to...

Level Up Your Leadership

Yeah, I be where the bosses be... Judging from my vibe, you can feel it in my energy... Looking in the mirror, I thank God for what I'm...

All up in my Pockets!

“Pockets so swole just like Popeye on his spinach”—Roscoe Dash Everyone has an “after-work ritual” as soon as they step foot in the...

Work Hard, Play Harder!

“I’m the only one who gets the job done. I don’t know nobody that can cover for me.”—Lil’ Wayne

Wearing My "White Coat"

"I got hustle though, ambition flow inside my DNA..."--Kendrick Lamar

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